Top 3 Stock Photo Websites For Your Small Business Needs

Top 3 Stock Photo Websites For Your Small Business Needs

Let’s be honest. We would all love to use original high-quality photos of our team or our products or our fill in the blank. But sometimes there just simply isn’t the budget or the time to bring in and pay for a high quality photographer. Fortunately for us, there are a number of amazing free stock photo websites to save us time and money by allowing us to choose form high quality stock images without worrying about licensing or such.

There are a lot of them and the space is (fortunately for us) highly competitive. However, I wanted to highlight a few of them here.

1. Picspree by Getty Images

Everyone in the photography business has heard of Getty Images, and likely their stock photo sites, iStock Photos. However, they are now launching and promoting a site called Picspree – aimed at delivering high quality royalty free stock photos. Whether you’re looking for beach pictures, or are getting into the holiday spirit with Christmas images, Picspree has an amazing selection of stock photos – great for small businesses, personal usage, or anything in between. Be sure to check them out here.

2. is likely best known for their excellent search functions and being able to display images based on a variety of different criteria such as hex code or color.


One of the largest stock photo websites on the net, has a large selection of photos, illustrations, videos, and vectors – great for the needs of any small business to add a little extra to their online efforts without having to pay for customized solutions. Click here to visit pixabay.

There are countless more sites for you to grab great stock photos from, these are merely my favourite. Feel free to leave a comment below if there are any others that need to make the list!

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