Naval Weapon System Device – Laser Resistant Ship Missile Breakaway Shell System

Naval Weapon System Device – Laser Resistant Ship Missile Breakaway Shell System

The future of warfare is going to drastically change in the next couple of decades, so much so that it will make many of our current defensive weapons obsolete. Many of the most advanced weapon systems and several on the drawing board won’t even be relevant in the future. Rather combinations of the most innovative and advanced systems ever created by mankind will be the ones which rule the day.

Now, we have some ominous innovations such as stealth, which will render itself invisible to the enemy’s defensive radar. We are working on the hypersonic flight, aircraft-space craft capable of traveling the halfway around the globe in a couple of hours or less. And we also have anti-ship cruise missiles, which could render an enemy submarine or ship eliminated.

As these types of technologies are combined, a stealthy hypersonic cruise anti-ship missile or a swarm of them could take out the enemy’s fleet of ships without ever being detected, thus, all the ships are there one-minute and obliterated the next, and no one would even see them coming. This is the future of war, and although it is not pretty there will be many nations with such capabilities within the next two decades.

Interestingly enough, all this technology exists and it is just a matter of will to build them and couple them with the latest computer guidance technologies and add them to our overall net-centric battlespace plans. Perhaps, we might want to be simultaneously designing a defense system to prevent a similar set of combined technologies from attacking our own US warship fleets. Think about that.

In the future, U.S. Navy ships will have laser weapons which will be able to shoot down incoming anti-ship missiles before they can destroy the crew, and sink the ship. These laser weapons will stay on the target long enough to implode it or cause it to explode – or depart from flight with radical yaw which will break it up into many pieces.

Now then, we know anytime we develop a weapon, our enemies are certainly going to have that same weapon in the future, therefore if we are trying to sink an enemy ship with an anti-Ship Missile, they will have a laser weapon which will be able to destroy our anti-ship missile.

Therefore, we need a solution to get our missiles into the target without being shot down by a missile defense laser. Indeed, I think I have the solution for that, and if you have a moment I’d certainly like to explain it to you. Okay so, let’s talk.

The new anti-ship missiles in the future will need an outer skin, it will need to be a breakaway skin that disintegrates after the laser has been on it for a while. This skin will have to resist the laser for as many seconds as possible, and then suddenly Breakaway for the real Missile inside to escape the laser beam.

In doing this the Missile inside will need to make a radical turn to get Out of the way of the beam, literally a 90-degree turn, along with several other erratic maneuvers, as it makes its way towards the ship or target. And we need to be able to shoot at the ship target several hundred of these missiles all at once so there is no way that the laser antimissile system can work or get to them all. Thus a guaranteed kill.

This is how we can guarantee that we will destroy the enemy ship even if they have a laser defense system every time, and why our Naval research teams need to be working on this right now, because that future in less than 20 years will be upon us and we must maintain naval superiority against any potential enemy anywhere on this planet or those enemies with space weapons.

We must not take the future for granted, we must stay leading edge, and we must realize that any weapon we have our enemies will have it within a decade or less. In fact, with the way technology is advancing, it could be even much sooner than that. Please consider all this.

Well, the US military has now perfected the laser weapon, and now we have aerial laser weapons which can hit missile targets, incoming aircraft, and rule the battlespace from above. And I suppose a high altitude aircraft with a high energy laser system could also shoot down a satellite in low Earth orbit. Now, the United States Navy also has a laser weapon which can shoot down UAVs, and soon it’ll be able to shoot down incoming anti-ship missiles, or China’s new silly, weak, and poorly designed ICBM anti-ship missile. JRC Integrated Systems, Inc.

Still, there are other potential innovations which need to be discussed and explored, and I’d like to list them below;

We Need More Research on How to Make a Carbon Nanotube Cone/cup into a High Energy Laser Bullet.

We Need to Build a System for a Laser-Powered Missile Assisted UAV Launch.

Laser Fired Energy Ball Carbon Nanotube Bullets Better than the Hollow Tip Schemes (thus, making body armor obsolete.

Hiding High Energy Laser Weapons Behind Barriers; Tricks of Bending Light!

Many people believe that lasers are really good for communication devices, for manufacturing, and beaming energy from one place to another. That’s all well and fine, but the real money is in creating defensive and yes, offense weapons for the military. Now there are several folks out there who are peaceniks, and I’m not one of them. I believe the single most important thing of any civilization is survival and that means it must have a strong defense, and it must preempt before its enemy strikes it.

History proves I’m correct, so it hardly matters what the peaceniks think, we need better laser weapons the future because we need weapons which can defeat swarms of incoming missiles, robotic aircraft, or delivery systems bringing forth nuclear warheads, or biological dispersion devices.

Won’t you join me in designing the next level of laser weapons to protect the United States of America, the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind? Oh and if you don’t believe that last statement doesn’t bother, you aren’t smart enough to join us anyway. Please consider all this.